Emotions by Earthman

Originally active in the early 90s. Earthman, in the spirit of the time, cut an enigmatic figure and little is known about him and no biogs or photos exist.

What info is available points to an individual who’d come up through the m25/Orbital rave scene, selling his musical creations on compact cassette format from a battered ‘Rush Release’ bag circa 1989-1990.

Cassette (and t-shirt sales) were solid, and the tape became widely bootlegged. Anecdotally, copies could be found at the time attributed to completely spurious acts. By 1994 Emotions had been picked up by distributor Intuitive and featured at quality outlets such as Camden’s Zoom.

However, time has seen the tapes (like the t-shirts) fade in quality and playable copies rarely surface. But the memory of Earthman’s music has survived not least because of the marriage of underground techno innovations with an twee English eccentricity but now also due to the rediscovery of the mastertapes lodged in storage at Intuitive’s lock-up – only coming to light after a job lot sale of vinyl via ebay.

Enjoy Emotions – now remastered and released as Emotions, Part 1 of a two part set…


Released 27/04/14

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Maeg Music Catalogue